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Other matters

On 30 August 2005, four Lebanese generals – Messrs Jamil Mohamad Amin El Sayed, Ali Salah El Dine El Hajj, Raymond Fouad Azar and Mostafa Fehmi Hamdan – were detained by Lebanese authorities in connection with the investigation into the 14 February 2005 attack.

In the Tribunal’s first decision, at the request of the Defence Office, late STL President Antonio Cassese ordered the Lebanese authorities to immediately release the generals from solitary confinement, to allow them to communicate with each other upon request, and to ensure that their right to freely and privately communicate with their counsel be fully implemented.

On 29 April 2009, the Pre-Trial Judge determined that there was no basis on which to continue to hold the four generals and ordered their immediate release.  The Lebanese authorities complied the same day.

Messrs El Sayed and El Hajj subsequently sought the disclosure of documents held by the Tribunal’s Prosecutor.