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14 December 2017

Over 60 Lebanese NGO representatives attend conference on International Criminal Justice and STL

Beirut, 14 December 2017 – Members of the Lebanese civil society, legal community and academics attended today a conference on International Criminal Justice and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL). The event was organised by the STL in cooperation with NGO ALEF – Act for Human Rights.

The participants received several presentations, including an overview on the different international tribunals – the circumstances leading to their creation, their differences and similarities as well as their relationships with national jurisdictions.

"The conference is very interesting. I came to the conclusion that members of the civil society do not know much about international tribunals and how they function; this is why the conference is important”, said a civil society activist.

Further light was also shed on the work of the STL with topics such as the cases currently before the Tribunal and victims’ participation in the proceedings. The conference also included a panel discussion on Justice, Democracy, Peace and Development.

"The conference provided us with valuable information and covered interesting topics. Following Hariri’s assassination, most Lebanese are keen to stay up to date with the Tribunal’s work and the cases before it”, said an activist from the Association for the protection of Human Rights.

This event is part of the STL outreach efforts to engage with Lebanese legal professionals, academics, and civil society organisations by organising lectures, conferences, and roundtable discussions on topics related to the mandate of the Tribunal and international criminal justice.