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17 June 2011

How the Rules of Procedure and Evidence are amended

The Rules of Procedure and Evidence (RPE) are made up of 196 rules that govern the various stages of the proceedings before the tribunal. The rules reflect the highest standards of international criminal justice.

The RPE were adopted on 20 March 2009 and have since been revised on three occasions. Amendments to the rules are intended to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of the tribunal's proceedings. They protect the rights of a suspect, an accused or of a convicted or acquitted person.

Rule 5 of the rules of procedure and evidence defines the process for amendments.

The STL judges, the Prosecutor, the head of the Defence Office and the registrar may propose amendments to the rules. Such proposals are then reviewed by a high-level rules committee.

In order for amendments to be adopted, they require the vote of at least seven judges at a plenary meeting (or otherwise, provided that they are unanimously approved by the judges). Amendments come into force one week after their adoption. There is no limit to the number of times the rules may be amended.

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Last modified on 22 August 2011