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STL Documents/Library

The STL Documents contain a set of documents on the establishment of the Tribunal, and the regulation of its work, reports, as well as the Tribunal’s case books and relevant Lebanese case law, and other useful tools such as a court record search.

United Nations Documents

This section includes United Nations resolutions, reports by the United Nations Secretary-General and the United Nations International Independent Investigation Commission, and other relevant UN correspondence.

Statute of the Tribunal

The Tribunal was established by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1757 of 30 May 2007, which included as its annex the Tribunal’s Statute. The STL Statute defines the jurisdiction, structure and other important aspects related to the work of the tribunal.

Rules of Procedure and Evidence (RPE)

The Rules of Procedure and Evidence, which govern the proceedings before the Tribunal, were drafted by the STL judges. This section also includes summaries and memoranda that explain the amendments to the RPE.

Internal Regulatory Documents

This section includes documents relating to the work of various organs and policies regulating aspects of the Tribunal’s judicial proceedings.

Cooperation Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding

This section includes cooperation agreements and memoranda of understanding between the STL and third parties, including cooperation instruments with Lebanon and the host country, the Netherlands.

STL Court records search

This database provides access to all public records that have been filed by the STL.

STL Case Books

The STL Case Books cover STL’s most important decisions and orders published on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. The Case Books are a useful resource for legal practitioners and others interested in the work of the Tribunal.

Relevant Lebanese law and case law

The relevant Lebanese law and case law case is a selection of Lebanese law, judgments, decisions and other legal documents including the Lebanese Criminal Code, and the Lebanese Code of Criminal Procedure.

Annual Reports

This section contains the STL Annual Reports submitted by the Tribunal’s President to the Government of Lebanon and the UN Secretary-General in accordance with article 10 of the Statute. They provide an over of the Tribunal’s activities on a yearly basis and detail the work of the different organs and sections.

Handbook for Defence Investigations

Practitioner’s Handbook on Defence Investigations in International Criminal Trials While investigations can play a decisive role in the outcome of a trial, Defence Counsel practicing before international criminal courts and tribunals rarely have expertise in this field. With this in mind, Defence professionals, who participated in the International Defence Meetings, have entrusted the Defence Office of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon with the task of collecting and compiling the best practices in the field of international investigation.

The Tribunal publishes a variety of public information documents including monthly bulletins that provide an overview of the latest judicial developments, news, and visits at the Tribunal, case information sheets, and other material that are useful to the general public and journalists.