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The courtroom

The tribunal has a high-tech courtroom, which has been designed to ensure that proceedings at the STL are transparent.



A digitised courtroom

The tribunal has three official languages – Arabic, English and French. The accused also has the right to use their own language even if it is not one of the official ones.

Four interpretation booths have been built a floor above the courtroom to allow simultaneous translation into Arabic, French and English. Participants and observers are provided with headsets to allow them to follow the translations.

Trials are complex and include large numbers of documents and exhibits.

The courtroom is fully digitalized and all participants have a computer on which they will be able to view documents and transcripts. They have access to any maps, photographs or other material that is presented.

Watch the video Transforming the STL building for more information about the courtroom.

Broadcast of court proceedings

All proceedings held in the courtroom are broadcast in open session unless judges decide that a session should be closed to the public and the press.

There are five cameras that broadcast to the courtroom and to the public through the internet. To protect a witness' identity, a judge may order that their face should be pixilated and their voice distorted.

Most of the proceedings held in the courtroom are broadcast with a thirty minute delay to ensure that any confidential information that is inadvertently disclosed in the courtroom can be removed (redacted) from the public record after instructions from the judge.

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Last modified on 30 October 2015