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Victim Participation

Victim participation gives those who suffered harm as a result of an act of terrorism under the Tribunal’s jurisdiction an opportunity to be heard.  This is not only important for the victims themselves, but their participation also facilitates an historic record of events told from the perspective of those most impacted by acts of terrorism.

Only victims with participating status are permitted to present their views and concerns during the proceedings (where authorised by the Pre-Trial Judge or the Trial or Appeals Chamber).  This will normally occur after the conclusion of the Prosecution’s case.

Victims Participating in the Proceedings are entitled to receive copies of non-confidential documents filed by the parties, such as motions on various issues contested at trial.  They can also attend hearings.

With permission from the Pre-Trial Judge or a Chamber, participating victims may:

  1. make oral and written submissions;
  2. call witnesses to testify;
  3. submit other evidence; and
  4. examine and cross-examine witnesses.

This ensures they can meaningfully participate and highlight issues and context that are important to victims and communities in Lebanon, and which would not otherwise receive sufficient attention.

You can learn more about  the participatory rights of victims at the STL by viewing the legal framework.