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The cases

This section contains all public documents (such as indictments, judgements and transcripts) from all the cases at the STL.

Ayyash et al. (STL-11-01)


This case relates to the assassination of Rafiq Hariri and others on 14 February 2005. The prosecutor submitted an indictment to the pre-trial judge on 17 January 2011. This indictment was confirmed on 28 June 2011.

Connected cases, Hamadeh, Hawi and El-Murr (STL-11-02)

The tribunal has established jurisdiction over three attacks relating to Marwan Hamadeh, George Hawi and Elias El-Murr. The pre-trial judge has also ordered that the Lebanese authorities provide the relevant files to the prosecutor.

Contempt Cases (STL-14-05 & STL-14-06)

On 31 January 2014, the initial Contempt Judge, Judge David Baragwanath, charged Ms Karma Mohamed Tahsin Al Khayat and AL JADEED [CO.] S.A.L./NEW T.V. S.A.L. (N.T.V.) (STL-14-05) with two counts of contempt and obstruction of justice and  Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Ali Al Amin and Akhbar Beirut S.A.L. (STL-14-06) with one count of contempt and obstruction of justice under Rule 60 bis of the Tribunal's Rules.

In the Matter of El Sayed

Mr El Sayed seeks the release to him of documents relating to his previous detention in Lebanon held by the Prosecutor. The pre-trial judge ordered that the tribunal's prosecutor release more than 270 documents to Jamil El Sayed.

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